Sunrise Life - beyond skin deep conversations with freelance nude models

Traveling nude models sharing stories (the fun, the creepy, and the awesome experiences!) and confiding in each other. Everyone - including models- struggles with something; be it social awkwardness, financial hardship, shame, anxiety, toxic relationships etc. The purpose of this podcast is to bring people closer together in understanding, expose our vulnerabilities, and share entertaining escapades. Cover image by Shaun Tia

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Thursday Apr 04, 2024

Ivory Flame has been modeling for 18 years, and her image has become a legacy online! She is very much a chameleon, sharing fashion, avante garde, gothic, artistic nude, fine art and pre-raphaelite style imagery on her portfolio and social links. 
We had such an amazing conversation and talked about so many things, dating back to the golden era of "hot or not dot com" to model mayhem and to today's social landscape of sharing our work and connecting with each other.
She was very vulnerable in sharing her experience where a photographer she trusted truly took advantage of her trust... the police had to get involved and everything! It definitely a story worth listening to, I sat there with my jaw hitting the floor as she was telling me about it! 
Ivory Flame and I also reminisced about our amazing experience working with Beth Creedon as our life coach! As freelancers, it's often helpful to have someone guide us into our best versions of ourselves. 
Cover image by Nicole Luneburg
Check out Ivory Flame online
(Featuring galleries, information on shooting remotely and online styling page)
The Life Coach we both worked with

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

Born and raised in Czech Republic, Veronica LaVery moved to the US at age 17. She said she was never into makeup and styling but when someone on Myspace wanted to do a photoshoot with her, she ended up falling in love with it! 
Veronica has been modeling for over a decade and has built up her career quite a bit over time, so much that it seems like she might be "too hot for social media" platforms! Youtube demonitized her channel that used to make a decent amount of income for her, and her instagram that had over 300k was also deplatformed, yet Veronica continues to model and be successful despite the internet's challenges.  
Cover image by IG @Night_vulture_official
Veronica's Links
most current IG 
Real Estate IG 
Real Estate 
RE Facebook

Thursday Mar 21, 2024

Emma Sirus is a beautiful glamour model who is also a licensed cosmetologist. When the pandemic hit, her makeup artistry was put on hold so she decided to find other avenues of income. Before she became a well known model, she was first an adult star and worked for an agency. 
Emma works hard at her marketing, and that's how was drawn to her for this interview! She recently underwent a breast enhancement surgery and at the time of this interview, she is still in the early stages of recovery- so the world has not yet been graced with seeing her new boobs yet! How exciting :) Emma shared about the controversial comments she had been getting on social media about her decision to make the cup upgrade, and the drama she is dealing with is unimaginable!
Much like many of us traveling freelance models, Emma has also endured some extremely uncomfortable situations - especially some instances where photographers have made audacious sexual requests! Find out what happened by listening to the full episode. 
Check out Emma on her IG
Also on her website Http:// 
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If you're curious about the underwater photography event: 

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Cat Ross has been very intriguing to me, as I have heard so many amazing things about her as a model and a creative person! I have seen some of her latest posts calling out unprofessional behavior in the industry as well as some messages to the masses that might have come off a little harsh, and I wanted to dive deeper. You can learn along with me what's been going on with Cat Ross, and she's quite fascinating! We can all relate. 
She is a super fashionable model based and actress in NYC who maintains a love for creating evocative imagery with like minded artists.
Check her out on her social media! 

Thursday Mar 07, 2024

Lilly Rae describes herself as an art model and supports the idea that her nude modeling is not sexual. Her family is fairly supportive even though some of them don't fully agree with modeling as a concept, she has good respectful relationships with them. 
Though Lilly has a mostly conflict free modeling career, she still does her best to separate her modeling "brand" from other segments of her life, being very careful not to intermix her nude modeling with her other business endeavors. She enjoys the rebelliousness of modeling, it's a freeing, explorative part of her life. 
Check out Lilly on instagram!
Cover image by Eye on Photo :) 

Thursday Feb 29, 2024

It felt like we were in the same room together gossiping at a sleepover party when I did this podcast episode with Brennan! She has been modeling since she was a child, her first gig was for a K-Mart ad! To this day she is known for her outspokenness in model safety, most notably in publishing a blacklist that resulted in a frivolous lawsuit with one of the predatory photographers named who wanted to continue his shady business practices...
Brennan continues to model and be successful, she thought the blacklist would end her career but it ended up having the opposite effect! PLUS she now has the benefit of being a natural repellent to creepy photographers. 
We laughed a lot during this episode, and she had some craaaayyyzy stories!! 
Check out Brennan on Instagram! 

Sunday Feb 25, 2024

So this episode is a bit different than other episodes, this human Grant Klentzman contacted me to be on *HIS* podcast as he was also a fan of Sunrise Life. We were discussing what to talk about, when he told me I was not allowed to mention nudity or OnlyFans on *his* show. That was a bit of a dealbreaker for me... So naturally I asked why? He explained because he is a Christian conservative. My curiosity about why this person wanted to talk to me at all grew. He suggested we could have a chat about it on *THIS* podcast! 
After polling my audience, 60% of you said "yes" and 40% said "no"... so this bonus episode about religion versus nudity is for you 60% who wanted it to happen!!
If you think we should prepare for a part 2, Let me know! We could probably come prepared a bit better next time, as our raw conversation was a bit triggering for both of us, yet we did our best to have a civil discussion. 
You can check out Grant on his instagram at 

Thursday Feb 22, 2024

Marie Brooks is particularly interesting because she has NO address! As a fully nomadic freelance traveling model, Marie has storage lockers in different places around the world for her belongings. She hops between hotels, airbnbs and hostels with no true "home base". Of all the traveling models I have interviewed, Marie is the only one I know that is completely nomadic like this! 
She opened up about what it's like for her to date as she lives this nomadic lifestyle, you might find this part particularly intriqiung!
Enjoy this episode of Marie, and find her on Instagram: 
You can find info on her group shoot events via her IG! 

Thursday Feb 15, 2024

Dive into the captivating story of Poppy, a ballet dancer and freelance model! Poppy takes us on a journey through her life, revealing the highs and lows of her career – from her beginnings in Crimea to finding a sense of belonging in San Francisco. She discusses the challenges she faced in her career, her love for ballet, and how she used social media as a tool to carve her niche in the modeling industry.
Listen as Poppy unveils her experiences as a global traveler and model, sharing tales from the streets of Italy, Atlanta, and San Francisco to the art classes where she posed nude. She discusses the struggles she had to overcome, and how her openness and audacity played a significant role in shaping her career and life choices.
The podcast additionally goes into detail about her encounters with unprofessional practices within the industry, and how these experiences led to her exploration of trauma-informed teaching methods, contributing to the ongoing discourse around mental health. Poppy's story ultimately serves as a reminder of the importance of safety, understanding, and mental health in all professions.
As a closing note, our compelling conversation with Poppy centers around the significance of ballet technique in photography and her quest to capture the essence of her art form. Listen in on her story – an inspiring mix of determination, resilience, industry insights and a testament to the enduring spirit of artists everywhere.
Cover image by ShaunTia

Thursday Feb 08, 2024

Femina is an amazing emotive model who loves the outdoors and enjoys working with like minded creatives who have artistic visions. Her journey to get to this position was a bit rough, though! 
She started modeling for agencies, doing fashion for companies. She did not enjoy this very much because they were very critical of her body, constantly measuring her waist and telling her to lose weight. This exacerbated an eating disorder that Femina struggled with for a long time. Eventually, her depression became too great and she decided to cut ties with the agency and become a freelance model. 
Femina craves self expression in her modeling, she does not like to be instructed to smile on command, she wants to share her true self and authentic feelings, which have had a dark past. Femina shared some of her struggles in childhood, including a suicide attempt at only ten years old. 
I had a fantastic time listening to her stories, check out the episode and let me know what you think! As always, please subscribe!! 
Info about the gallery show she mentioned on Feb 10 at the House of Water in Dallas:
Cover image by @EyesofJune 


The Show Host: Kristy Jessica

Living and breathing nude freelance modeling and all the fun, freaky, and interesting quirks involved drives Kristy to continue finding ways to connect on a deeper level with other humans. 

Before the advent of social media, most traveling freelance models were like lone wolves- battling from shoot to shoot, comparing themselves to others, and trying to weed whack their own path and reinvent the wheel. Now that we can be connected, we are reveling in our similarities and lifting each other up. 

"Sunrise Life" is an expression that references how often we need to be up early to catch that beautiful morning light. For many of us, this lifestyle has made a deep impact. 

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