Sunrise Life - beyond skin deep conversations with freelance nude models

Traveling nude models sharing stories (the fun, the creepy, and the awesome experiences!) and confiding in each other. Everyone - including models- struggles with something; be it social awkwardness, financial hardship, shame, anxiety, toxic relationships etc. The purpose of this podcast is to bring people closer together in understanding, expose our vulnerabilities, and share entertaining escapades. Cover image by Shaun Tia

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7 days ago

The internet can be a harsh, dehumanizing space... especially when it comes to displaying "18+" imagery! David Bollt founded Model Society as a place to celebrate the art of figurative nude photography, to embolden creatives and to create a community where this type of photography can be appreciated. 
I have been so curious about "the man behind the curtain" of Model Society, since they are a team of like-minded humans who facilitate the web community. Other websites that freelance models and photographers use for portfolio hosting or networking are either muddled with low quality/ exploitative imagery, or are over-censored and not welcoming of nude artistry. 
David shared with me his back story, involving his history in the tattoo community, and how that transformed into artistic nude photography for him, and the reasons why he pursued fine art photography and creating this community around it. 
We went down the rabbit hole on transcending trauma through art, the differences between various model photography genres and their place in our world, and how art nude photography bridges gaps between humans of various walks of life. 
I really enjoyed talking with David on these topics! 
Even if you're not a model or photographer,  is a great place to enjoy and appreciate figurative fine art nude photography for fans as well! Check out their newsletter, see the latest and greatest figurative fine art photography, and enjoy the Magazine as well! 

Thursday Nov 23, 2023

Zoe West was arrested in downtown NYC while nude in body paint! Videos of it went viral online. She has always been a daring model, and perhaps one of "loose morals" as she mentioned during this podcast, and her vibrant spirit has allowed her much success and fun in her modeling career!
Zoe has been published in Penthouse and traveled the world. Though she has had major success in modeling, she still struggles to find her true place in the world. Burnout has affected her at times, so she has experimented with many different jobs and careers, but has always come back to modeling because (as she put it), there is nothing else in the world like it. 
Cover image by Andrew J Bacha
Check out Zoe on IG! 

Thursday Nov 16, 2023

Ann Teak is one of the rare professional models over 50, which makes her unique in our community. I had so many questions for her! She has modeled for film photographers back in her college days, but didn't serious about modeling until much later in life - after a career, marriage, a mortgage, having kids and all that! 
Hollywood film noire is one of her favorite genres, as well as artistic nudes. Ann loves modeling and takes really good care of her physical and mental health so that she can really bring value to a photo shoot. 
Human connection and love for art drives Ann to continue modeling. She does not like working with superficial people who tend to discriminate against her because of her age. 
Check out Ann Teak (formerly known as Vox Serene) on instagram!
Ann is also on Model Society (the best website for figurative fine art nudes!) 
Cover image by Kevin Albinder

Thursday Nov 09, 2023

Jayde reached out about the podcast and I am so glad she did! I had a great time getting to know her over the course of this episode: she's from the PNW and her dad even had an interaction with a known serial killer... Jayde's modeling reflects her vibe and creativity - she loves urbex abandonment shoots, moody vibes, and she loves the winter!
Jayde is very self aware and has gone through phases of losing herself then finding herself again in her creative career. She has a love for community and is active in model safety groups as well. She dropped the names of some local designers in seattle, check them out!
Walace Style
Helene Hawthorne 
Gilded Apparition 
Follow Jayde on IG!
Cover image by Violet Jillane PhotoArt @violetjillanephotoart
This episode is brought to you by Model Society: The best source for figurative fine art photography! Check them out at 

Thursday Nov 02, 2023

Dakota Simone is a Los Angeles based nude model whose love for life shines through her work. She has been published in Playboy Magazine and has been featured in mainstream music videos. Dakota loves to dance and be herself, you can see her on instagram being goofy as well as elegant across her portfolio of images and videos. 
We talked about how empathy for the models at photoshoots is important, after she told me a story that left my jaw dropping! She could have died or been hospitalized because of the photographer's negligence... We are lucky to have Dakota today, here to create beautiful content and impact the world with her wisdom. 
We also talked about her relationship with her parents, especially her mother. Dakota was so very vulnerable in our conversation! Listen now!
Check Dakota out on her Instagram:
She is also on youtube!
This episode is brought to you by Model Society: the best source for figurative fine art photography! Check it out at 

Thursday Oct 26, 2023

Mika Lovely is a dedicated creative model who lives and breathes her art. Her hot goth vibe emanates from her social media presence. Though we have met in person years ago and been connected online for so long, I never felt like I knew Mika all that well until we had this amazing podcast conversation!!! I am so glad we did, because I learned we have so much in common!
Mika used to work in customer service before she became a model, once she crossed over into full time modeling, she decided she didn't ever want a manager to dictate her schedule again! We commiserated about our struggles with getting de-platformed on various social media platforms, talked about some crazy hosting situations, pussy tape, promo modeling and more!
Check out Mika Lovely on her website: 
She is also on instagram: 
Cover image by Holy Vesper
This episode is brought to you by Model Society: the best website for figurative fine art photography! Check it out at

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

Sophia and I met at Muses in Wonderland earlier this year, and I was so happy to get to know her better through the course of this podcast!! Some of her stories were so intense I found myself gasping with intense cringe!!! 
She was gifted with good model friends who helped coach her into professional nude modeling! Her career launched pretty fast, even though she had good guidance, some of her experiences were shocking. 
Sophia has learned quickly that burning bridges is harmful to a successful freelancing career, so she has reinvented herself and has had the emotional intelligence to see herself and her career from an outside perspective to continually improve as a person and as a model. 
I truly enjoyed our chat!! 
Check Sophia out on instagram at http:://
This episode has been brought to you by Model Society! The best source for figurative fine art photography - join at :) 

Thursday Oct 12, 2023

Her crazy photoshoot story was soooo cringe! The photographer presented himself as a female online, so she trusted them, and the shoot got real weird real fast!! You have to listen to the whole episode to find out what happens!! 
Louise opened up quite a bit in this episode. She exposed to me that she had a past life of addiction that she is grateful to have escaped from, but it was very challenging and a past love was involved. We also talked about how cliques in the freelance modeling world seem to function. 
It was such a great time talking with Louise Rosealma aka Tiny Little Spitfire :)
Check her out on IG!
Also on her website:
This episode is brought to you by Model Society, the best website for figurative fine art nude photography! 

Thursday Oct 05, 2023

Jenna Citrus is so dedicated to her originality and her craft! It was really inspiring listening to her talk about the lengths she goes for her content creation- she even learned how to produce her own music so that she would not get flagged for using certain audio tracks on her monetized youtube channel! 
I almost died laughing at her photoshoot story involving a wipe out that was filmed and featured on Fail Army, you gotta listen to her tell the story! 
Jenna is such a refreshing bundle of joy, but she also has impostor syndrome, as many of us models and content creators do! We talked a bit about that, listen to her unique perspectives about what it's like to live this creative life!
Check out Jenna Citrus on Instagram:
And all her other links are here!
Cover image by Evelyn Sinclair
This episode is brought to you by Model Society, the best website for figurative fine art photography! Check it out at :) 

Thursday Sep 28, 2023

I was a little starstruck to have the opportunity to interview Dakota Lee for the podcast! She is such a powerhouse! Her professionalism exudes from her online presence. Dakota has rebranded herself in many ways over the years. 
From becoming a professional photographer to quitting nude modeling and having new doors open for her as a result, my conversation with Dakota had me thinking about freelancing from a fresh perspective! 
Oh, and her photoshoot fail story was CRAZY!! It was a good thing her photographer had a gun with him!! You will have to listen to find out what happened! 
Check out Dakota Lee on Instagram:
And on her website:
Cover image by Kevin Deal
This episode is brought to you by Model Society - the best website for figurative fine art photography! Check out 


The Show Host: Kristy Jessica

Living and breathing nude freelance modeling and all the fun, freaky, and interesting quirks involved drives Kristy to continue finding ways to connect on a deeper level with other humans. 

Before the advent of social media, most traveling freelance models were like lone wolves- battling from shoot to shoot, comparing themselves to others, and trying to weed whack their own path and reinvent the wheel. Now that we can be connected, we are reveling in our similarities and lifting each other up. 

"Sunrise Life" is an expression that references how often we need to be up early to catch that beautiful morning light. For many of us, this lifestyle has made a deep impact. 

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